Re: [Evolution] Evolution Bug Day, Take 2

On Wed, 2001-08-22 at 17:17, Eric Lambart wrote:
That certainly works a lot better (I actually have a Calendar entry)...
but the time zone stuff still seems a little weird.  In my daily
calendar view it correctly shows 6AM-6PM as the allocated time (I am on
Los Angeles... ahem... I mean, Northern California time).

But if I open the event, the Appointment Window that pops up is a little
weird, time-wise.  It shows the appt. starting at 6:00 AM (no time zone
but when I click the tz-selection button it shows America/Los_Angeles),
but ending at 9:00 PM with "America/New_York" shown between the time and
the tz-selection button.

I think the display of Start Time is more intuitive, but in any case
they should both be the same, no?

Attached is a screenshot of the window.


On Wed, 2001-08-22 at 14:36, JP Rosevear wrote:
Try this new calendar attachment message.


I'm not sure how do-able this would be, but I really, really, really
like the way Lotus Notes handles meeting invitations--the meeting is
added to the Calendar, and the message is removed from the Inbox.  The
message still exists, of course, because it's in the Calendar.  I know
Notes uses a very different database paradigm, but it's still a really
handy feature.

Matthew Vanecek
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