Re: [Evolution] Conduits: Unable to Instantiate EAddress Conduit

On 07 Aug 2001 16:30:00 -0400, Tony Rein wrote:

Hello all.

I finally managed to get Evolution to build and run successfully,
including synchronizing my Palm Pilot calendar/to-do databases.It really
looks nice, and seems to work OK so far, with one exception: When I try
to enable or configure the EAddress conduit in the Gnome Control Panel I
get this error message: "Unable to instantiate EAddress Conduit."

For what it's worth, I used the CVS as of August 7, and I'v verified
that,, and
libeaddress_conduit.a exist in /usr/lib/gnome-pilot/conduits, and they
seem to have the correct permissions. Here are the contents of the

The problem is a library linking error introduced into the addressbook.
Trow is working on fixing this right now.

JP Rosevear                             jpr ximian com
Ximian Inc.                   

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