[Evolution] Messages don't show when filtered into folders?

Is anyone else having this problem; I couldn't find it in bugzilla?
It's really beginning to bug me.

I often receive messages that get filtered in to a folder, but the
folder name on the folder bar is neither boldened nor changed to show
the new message count (nn).  I can even click on the folder and scroll
to the top (I sort by date with new msgs on top) and no messages are

Either toggling View->Hide Deleted Messages or doing a View->Show All
will always reveal these "hidden" messages.

I have the same problem at work and at home, and always happens with a
folder for the same person (I think it may happen with others but I get
a several msgs per day from this person so it's easier to verify).

Funnily enough, it never happens with my "evolution" list folder =)

I don't know if the difference is with the folder itself or with the

Let's see, the "evolution" folder has these critera (this is at work; it
is probably slightly different at home since I set them both up as I was
learning to use Evo):
1. Mailing list | is | evolution
2. Recipients | contains (sic) | evolution ximian com (mailing list
criterion wasn't always catching 'em all)

1. Move to folder | evolution
3. Stop Processing

The "jeanette" folder:
1. Sender | contains | jeanette
2. Recipients | contains | jeanette

1. Move to folder | jeanette

I can get back to y'all later with the settings from home.  I can't see
how this could make a difference, but there seems to be a pretty
consistent difference in behaviour between these two folders.

This is driving me batty; every time mailcheck tells me I have
message(s) and I then tell Evo to get 'em, they're playing hide-and-seek
and it's a real pain in the butt.  This problem IS happening with other
folders as well, I just can't be sure which at the moment.

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