Re: [Evolution] Problems connecting to exchange server

I have a similar problem, but involving LDAP address book access.
I just can't make Evolution to access our M$ Exchange 5.5 LDAP directory
Anyone got it working ???

On 08 Aug 2001 16:58:48 -0400, Joe Palladino wrote:

Hi all,
      I tried to set up Imapv4 to connect to my exchange server and it
comes back with no such mailbox on this server, using my email address.  I
set the user name to be my nt user name and it could not authenticate.  
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Joe Palladino
Senior Internet Developer
Corporategraphics, Inc.

Jure Zitnik, Storage & Data Management Lab
Phone: +386-1-5865-299 Fax: +386-1-5865-270 
HERMES SoftLab, Litijska 51, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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