Re: [Evolution] Composing without the mouse

Hmmmm... no, it works for me, though Evo's keyboard support is still far
from satisfactory.

Just now I hit Tab 5 times to get to the body of this email reply, no
problem... though it really should have required only 3 tabs (the focus
should start on "To:").

You can also hit Shift-Tab once in a reply/forward and the focus will
also go to the message body, though I usually forget that (and it's not
clear where you are since the cursor is initially in the message body
even though the focus is elsewhere).

I also think Shift-Tab should suck the focus back up into the header
when you're in the middle of typing a message, but it doesn't.  However,
I did accidentally discover that Ctrl-UpArrow does this (though I think
that's inappropriate; I would like Ctrl-Up/Dn to jump between

Also Ctrl-Right arrow jumps to the space between words rather than the
first letter of the next word, as the de facto standard dictates...

I suppose it would make sense to have Enter go to the next header field,
but I'm so used to hitting Tab that I hadn't tried it.

If Tab doesn't work for you maybe it's a Window Manager or other
environment issue?  Does Tab work in the body of a message (to insert a
tab character)?  Are you using Beta 2,  one of the lateset snapshot
builds, or something older?

Good luck.

On 06 Aug 2001 16:54:57 -0400, Justin A wrote:
Has anyone else noticed that it is impossible to get from 
To: -> Cc: -> Subject: -> Message text by only pressing tab/return?


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