Re: [Evolution] Me Contacts Me Contacts

You may still have an old addressbook database file hanging around in
db1 or db2 format which Evolution can't read anymore (we've made it
depend on db-3.0.17 I believe). You can try rm -f'ing


On 03 Aug 2001 23:48:05 -0700, Patrick Nelson wrote:
OK I'm not sure what is wrong. I've had evolution installed on my RH7.1
system for awhile but have not gotten around to implementing it to my
main email app. I got the latest (beta 2) with RedCarpet today (along
with all new updates from all channels) rebooted and started setting
evolution up. 

Everything appears to work ok except the contacts. When I click on the
Contacts folder it shows a blank contact listing (OK seeing I have not
added any yet) but the New Contact button on the button bar is grayed
and unpressable. Same goes for the File / New / Contact which is grayed
out also. When I press Compose and open a new message and then press
the To button I get an error dialog window that say "Unable to get local
storage. This should never happen." Then over the error dialog a
window with an empty Evolution-Addressbook.

Please direct me to solving this problem.

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