Re: [Evolution] Pilot Conduits in Evolution 0.10

Yes, which is how I meant to say it when I responed, however, the rpm still
won't build as it's got some problem with gnome-vfs and editing configure and
re-tarring the source doesn't do a bit of good.


Edgardo Garcia Hoeffler <egarcia bba buenayre com ar> on 04/30/2001 05:14:51 PM
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Beware that the spec file that comes with evolution*.src.rpm doesn't
have pilot conduits enable. You *must* edit it and add the flag I've
told  you to the configure script call.
So if you just do a rpm --rebuild evolutio*src.rpm you'll end up with
evolution compiled *without* pilot support. The same applies with rpm
-Uvh evo*.src.rpm and then rpm -bb evo*src.rpm if you don't edit

El 30 Apr 2001 15:42:45 -0500, ctooley amoa org escribi&#-2;:

Yeah, I was also sent a message by another list member, Edgardo Garcia
to use the following command line option to turn it on.

While all this is well and good, the source rpm I found on the ximian site
not build because of a wrong gnome-vfs package that it can't find the correct
version for.  It is looking for 0.4.2 and I'm running 1.0-ximain.2  which of
course is not as high as 0.4.2.  Manually editing Configure I guess.

Chris Tooley

"Michael Leone" <turgon mike-leone com> on 04/30/2001 03:30:47 PM

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  :            0.10

This won't activate the pilot coinduits, will it? I was under the impression
thatthere's some command line parameter that must be passed to the compiler.
This simply rebuilds the normal (i.e., non-conduit-enabled) version of
Evolution, doesn't it?
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  Download the src.rpm :-)
  then install (as root)using rpm -Uvh <filename>.src.rpm
  this next step will depend on your distro, but if your using redhat it will
install into:
  cd into their
  and then enter:
  rpm -ba <name-of-file>.spec
  if u want to build for a diffent architecture than i386 just add
or --target=i586 after it,
  so say i want to rebuild evolution from a src.rpm for i686 arch heres the
steps i would use:

  rpm -Uvh evolution.src.rpm
  cd /usr/src/redhat/SPECS
  rpm -ba evolution.spec --target=i686

  this will then put the finished rpm into /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i686

  then install as normal: rpm -Uvh evolution.i686.rpm

  Hope that helps

On 30 Apr 2001 13:43:24 -0500, ctooley amoa org wrote:

I'm of the understanding that to get the Evolution conduits to work one must
recompile the source.  If this is the case, how would one compile an src.rpm
get the necessary changes and still be able to install via RPM?

Chris Tooley

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