Re: [Evolution] 0.10 snapshot

On 29 Apr 2001 18:31:18 +0000, raheesom navpoint com wrote:
I've just installed Ximian 1.4, and upgraded Evo via Red Carpet.

2 things I'm finding in this version:  

I can't send any emails... I get an error saying "can't parse URL".

Most likely you actually are sending despite the error. I was having
this problem for a while. The mail was always sent (though the first
time it happened I ended up sending 4 identical messages to someone :-)

It magically fixed itself recently... I'm not sure what I upgraded that
did it... hmm...


I can't access my contacts anymore.   I CAN see my old contacts list from before
I had to upgrade the contacts database format.  Has the contacts database format
changed once more?

Also, why can't I get access to the STD Evolution STABLE version (advertised on as 0.8) through red carpet?  I don't necessarily want to use snapshots.


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