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I've heard that outlook /*does*/ have something like virtual folders and threading, but that it's not supported by the underlying Exchange 5.5 (or whatever it is before Exchange 2000). Of course, I'm not sure what threading or the lack of it would have to do with Exchange, and why it has to be implemented in the backend and not for folks using outlook as an internet mail client.

It seemed like, with the little demo I saw (and I've read nothing about it), that Exchange 2000 can be accessed by browser, the results looking a lot like the outlook client. Even scales to your browser capabilities. Then there was something like the ability to script pages which might summarize your mail in certain ways. Anyone else know more about this? (Seemed like their outlook today was taking over the entire operation.)

Makes me think that any program which hasn't embedded a perl script facility isn't yet complete. :)

Might Evolution eventually evolve into allowing "pages" which can use, say, perl/html to query and present information out of the evolution database? Maybe this is extant with the executive summary type thing, which I've never seen as anything other than blank.

Anyway, awaiting resumption of snapshots. No evolution to post with! (Mozilla mail in the mean time is pretty nice, if a bit slow.)


Dan Winship wrote:

(guess) spammers she has replied to.  Any one want to recieve a copy?

Sure, I'll take one.

Also, whos taking bets on MS inovating the virtual mail folder in it's
next outlook release?

Last I heard, they were dropping features to get it out the door on
time. :)

-- Dan

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