Re: [Evolution] go-gnome installer

Le 2001.04.27 14:13:21 +0200, Chris A. Henesy a écrit :
On 26 Apr 2001, Thomas H. Ptacek wrote:

I'm sorry, I'm sure you've been beaten up by this question
repeatedly, but I just have to ask:

Which one of you monkeys was on the pipe long enough to come
up with the "pipe lynx into sh" installer mechanism that Ximian
GNOME uses to install?

You realize that this is quite possibly the worst install
mechanism, not only from a security perspective but from an
end-user ease-of-use/familiarity perspective, of any program
you can currently obtain.

      It may be unfamilier, but I personally find that this is the
EASIEST method I have EVER seen for installing a Linux program.  Not to
mention that it is very "cross platform" since almost EVERY distro has
lynx and sh.  Are you saying it's easier to have the user download a
untar it, chmod it and run it?

      As far as security goes, the only reason it would ever be a
concern is if someone cracked their servers and replaced the install

... or poisoned *your* DNS ...


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