Re: [Evolution] Dep Error during install

Freetype2 can't be installed because it doesn't provide the same functionality that freetype does. What's up with this, anyway? I figured it was just something that got overlooked during packaging. At any rate, it's preventing me from installing Nautilus.

Also, and more on topic, I'm on RH 6.1 and I'm not seeing the evolution snapshots channel in RC. What are the plans for that?

Sending from mozilla mail, which, as it turns out, is (slowly) getting to be fairly nice,


[mitch c392851-a work]$ rpm -q --provides freetype [mitch c392851-a work]$ rpm -qp --provides freetype2-2.0.1-ximian.1.i386.rpm [mitch c392851-a work]$ rpm -q --whatrequires

Florin Andrei wrote:

On 26 Apr 2001 13:46:52 -0400, Devon Harding - GTHLA wrote:

When I run the go-gnome script, I get freetype2 dep error.

Package nautilis-...has a conflict (freetype2 cannot be installed)
Package freetype2-...has a conflict (freetype2 cannot be installed)

I have exactly the same problem.

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