Re: [Evolution] A few questions about evolution.

On 26 Apr 2001 10:50:27 +0200, Kent Nyberg wrote:
1. Is it possible to make evolution always attach a vCard like netscape

No, but that's a planned feature.

2. Is Evolution 0.10 released? I joined this list for two days ago and i
have seen
some people talk about 0.10 as if it was released. But i dont think
there is an official
release-information some where :(

0.10 has not been released yet, although it's frozen and should be
released very soon.

People are mostly talking about the snapshot releases, which have
identified themselves as "0.10" rather than "0.9" for some time now.

3. How can i change the fonts in non-html mails? The font that Evolution
use in default is to small for me :(

Go to the HTML Viewer capplet in the control center and change the
"fixed width" font.

-- Dan

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