[Evolution] Various encodings support in the Evolution


I just installed the evolution-0.9 (shipped w/ Mandrake-8.0, didn't get
Ximian Gnome-1.4 yet, your servers too busy for the moment).

The product  looks great. Every linux geek guy dreamed of Outlook
Express while using pine or mutt or /bin/mail :-). Now our dreams become
reality :-). Honestly :-).

But one important problem still persists. I talk about proper
i18n'ization of the evolution. Otherwise it's useless outside US.

I guessed that you chose the UTF-8 encoding as the basic encoding for
all non-ASCII messages. But this is not the whole truth, really. I have
about several hundreds messages in Russian just in my IMAP INBOX. Most
of them are in KOI8-R encoding, some - in MICROSOFT-CP1251 encoding,
some (written mostly in broken versions of the MS OE) have improperly
set encoding to ISO8859-1 while having MS-CP1251 inside, several even
written in the UTF-8.

I see no handles in the Evolution to set these things manually. I think
its important to give a user such ability because every 'autoguessing'
can fail, I  did see examples of such 'clever machines' and how they
failed :-).

Maybe I missed smth and didn't check the proper menu or setup page

Please suggest.

Yours respectfully, Alexey Morozov.

P.S. There are certain small glitches when edition this message. For
example pressing 'End' button brings cursor to the end of the entire
text not the line being edited. Is there a fix or setup page or

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