[Evolution] Cannot check mail now, and snapshots


Two things:

1) when are the snapshots going to be back up?  I noticed yesterday that
the 24th snapshots built okay, and this morning the dependancy list has
dropped (gal/gtkhtml/evo) - I presume Evo now requires GNOME 1.4?

2) I'm sure this is due to my uypgrade to Ximian GNOME 1.4 as I was
using Evo all yesterday and it breaks today (I upgraded this morning).
I use Evo with an IMAP server - when it starts I can press get mail as
much as I want and it works. However, the moment I send a mail pressing
getmail hangs - it seems like Evo is timing out somewhere.  How can I
get more debug info?  I've tried evolution --debug logfile and running
evolution-mail in a seperate terminal (which resulted in lots of debug
messages until Evo has shown the shell, when they stopped).

I'm going to try fiddling with the RPMs installed to see if I can fix
this, I'll report back if I get anything!


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