Re: [Evolution] RC 1.0 update to Gnome 1.4

On 24 Apr 2001 16:29:02 -0400, Sejal Patel wrote:
I didn't see anything about removing evo but now after installing RC 1.0
I've noticed that it freezes up when downloading channel information.

It isn't frozen, it's just very, very slow at the moment because of the
/. effect. In addition, the evo channel disappeared. Unfortunately, I
had several problems when updating to 1.4 via the new installer,
including one that seemed to require removing evolution (don't ask,
probably a partially mangled rpm db). Anyway, the end result is that I
did get a working 1.4 desktop, a very sluggish RC, and no evo (since I
had been using RC before and I'm very short of disk space and wasn't
keeping evo rpms). After many false starts, I managed to find a working
evo snapshot under directory "obsolete" in (managing to
get an ftp connection was another battle...).

It looks thus as if the conversion to the new RC is incomplete. It will
be safer to wait a couple of days until things stabilize and RC starts
serving everything we expect.

-- F

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