Re: [Evolution] Synchronization problem ..?

OK. In fact I got into 2 problems I posted here : 
1) synchronization problem
2) printing crashes evo

In fact I had a debian testing/unstable on which I installed ximian woody 
files. So I decided to remove all ximian deb files, install all available 
debian deb files, and compile from scratch those not available from debian 
(even in unstable) that is : gtkhtml9 and ... evolution :-) .
My god, 3 hours compile time on a duron 650 for evo ! But it compiled cleanly 
and now it wokrs like a charm :-) ... printing works and I can read mboxes 
without synch problem ! Thank you guys for this good piece of work.

PS : So if anyone is interested in gtkhtml9 + evolution(0.10)  deb files 
compiled on a debian testing/unstable system I keep them available for you. 
Just ask me.

Le Mardi 24 Avril 2001 01:55, vous avez écrit :
Umm, try removing the mbox.ev-summary file from the offending folder,
and restarting evolution.

If that doesn't help, i'm not sure, have to do some debugging to chase
it up.

On 23 Apr 2001 09:20:36 +0200, DE VITO Eric wrote:
I began to use evolution since some days. It worked nice until I get
suddenly in an annoying problem : when I launch evo (0.10cvs)
addressbook/calendar work ok, but as soon as I try to click on a message
to read it, evo freezes : a bar at the bttom of the window goes from
right to left to right as if it was searching for something (what ?), and
sometimes ( not always) I get an error message about synchronization
problem with a folder, and sometimes it crashes ...
Since that problem I cannot use evo :-( . What can I do  ? (I already
tried to launch evo from scratch by moving evolution folder to
evolution.old but the problem  remains ...

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