Re: [Evolution] Red Carpet downtime

This isn't good enough.  The type of people that red-carpet is aimed at
isn't the type of people that subscribe to the red-carpet development
list.  Sure it's in beta, but there are a lot of people helping to test
it who aren't going to subscribe to this list.

Well, it isn't a development list. It's the user list.

I agree 100%.  evolution is in beta.  It's being tested.  Users
(testers) need to accept that shit will happen.  Unfortunately for
ximian it's one of the best mail clients out there even thou it's still
in beta) so people are using like it's released, and that means they
expect it to work.  They shouldn't, but they do!

You could say the same thing about Red Carpet. :) You shouldn't expect
it to work. (At least, previously...)

By the way, thanks for the great software.  I really appreciate what you
guys are doing for me.

Our pleasure. :)


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