Re: [Evolution] Red Carpet downtime

"js" == Joe Shaw <joe ximian com> writes:

hje> Actually, I'm not convinced the issue is the beta status of the
hje> software.  My beef is that your loyal beta testers and cheerleaders
hje> were kept in the dark about the outage.  I interpret that as a lack of
hje> respect for us.  I think that an email going out on this mailing list
hje> or a message posted on the web site would have been courteous.

js> For the record, an email was sent out a few days ago when the outage
js> happened to the Red Carpet mailing list at red-carpet ximian com  The
js> evolution mailing list isn't the right venue for such announcements.

I see.  Of course, I am subscribed to the red-carpet mailing list, but
in digest mode.  Since there is relatively little traffic on that
list, I haven't gotten the announcement yet.


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