RE: [Evolution] redcarpet updates

I got a email from them stating something about that because Red-Carpet was
integrated into the new GNOME 1.4 (due out any soon) and because Red-Carpet
was dependent on other packages being installed (a problem that surfaced
with the latest Evo snaps that wanted to remove RC) they needed to bring the
server down for a few days to fix and update it all.  They said that it
would be worth the wait.

Xavier Bestel wrote:

Hi again !

RedCarpet updates don't work anymore ? When I launch RedCarpet, it reports
an error:
Red Carpet has encountered an error while trying to process your request:

Transfer of did not
complete: Cannot connect to server:

... and when I launch helix-update to update RedCarpet, it fails too ...

Am I alone ?


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