Re: [Evolution] Bug in evolution-mail, debugging OAF components...

Ive got the same problem,i presume you have updated to the latest evo?
there some problem with some of the core files, thats all i know

On 26 Mar 2001, Thomas H. Ptacek wrote:

Building (on PPC, when are you going to start pushing LinuxPPC binary
snaps?) from the 2001041917 snap, I get an error any time I send mail:

I hit "Send", an error box appears, and says "Unable to send mail:
Cannot parse URL: 'padding'".

The mail appears to get sent anyways, so this is just annoying, not

My bigger question:

I can figure out what's happening and fix if I can figure out how to
debug evolution-mail, which appears to be started from OAF and not by
evolution proper. How do Ximian people debug evolution-mail? Do you
really gdb attach to the running process? That never appears to work for
me (RedHat 6.2).

The Mozilla people wrote a handy document for debugging Mozilla. This
kind of thing would be INCREDIBLY useful for Evolution users who can code.
It will also be well worth the time spent writing it.

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