Re: [Evolution] Sending error

I have more clues in this error.
I had the same problem but it was not with the composer or
the send code. My problem was:

I was trying to send the email aout of my office. My SMTP was
sending a no relay message. I think that something is causing 
an overflow when interpreting this answer from my MTA so evo
display a wrong message even crash it. 

When I reconfigure my MTA to accept relay from my current 
IP it work again as usually.

I hope this email sheld some help about the problem.


On 23 Apr 2001 06:53:36 -0400, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:
On 22 Apr 2001 22:56:30 -0500, Steve Fox wrote:
Since I updated to the 04/19 builds I now get the below message
everytime I send mail (in a dialog box):

Error while sending "subject". Could not parse URL ' p '.

It does actually send the mail, but I have to close the window myself
because it thought there was an error.

Any suggestions on how I can provide more useful feedback? I have no
idea what could cause this.

  I think it's just using the wrong header for sending the message.
Let's just wait for Jeff to wake up...  It's probably a trivial fix.


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