[Evolution] "Devout" - Outlook 2000 to Evolution mail exporter

Hi All,

There's a new release of Devout available at
<http://www.wirejunkie.com/freestuff/devout/> - it's a VBA utility that will
export Outlook 2000 mail to Evolution mbox format.  It now does Base64 and
Quoted Printable encoding (courtesy of a DLL), and thus handles attachments
and HTML messages.

Current limitations are as follows:

1) A minimum set of message headers is exported
2) No allowances (other than Base64/QP encoding) are made for non-ASCII
characters in message headers or bodies
3) Occasionally a message will be exported with invalid email addresses in
the headers

That being said, I've used it to export ~20,000 messages (~260MB of data),
and it did an acceptable job of exporting most of my mail correctly,
complete with attachments, so I expect it will do the same for you.

Also, Evolution has so far proven to be fairly forgiving with respect to
strange characters and invalid email addresses ;)

Have fun,

Tim Serong
tim wirejunkie com

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