Re: What is a VFolder? (Re: [Evolution] help - Ive just deleted all my mail for some strange reason?)

On 21 Apr 2001 23:22:12 +0100, markc wrote:

i downloaded to src and binary rpm and both never held or
installed the docs, if i enabled the doc option to yes in the
evolution.spec file i got a build error ( which i cannot remember what
it is).

That depends on where you got your source. If you got it from anon-cvs,
it's possible that the code was checked out out-of-sync. If not, it
would be great if you can post the error, I'll look at it and get it

whats happened to the lastest build of evo (2001041917), it's really
unstable (
crashes every time) compared to the previos build (witch never crashed
once)and its now missing the little doggy, instead we have a corporate boring send/receive icon :-(

In preparation for the upcoming Evolution 0.10 release, most of the
dependent libraries bumped up their version numbers recently. The
snapshots have been building 0.10-testing code for beta-testing, and so
will go back to the CVS head.

The preparation and the concurrent work on Ximian GNOME 1.4 are making
things a bit confusing right now. I'm sure things will settle down by
next week.

Duncan Mak
= duncan ximian com  - - - - - - - - - - - - - =
= duncan simplemente net      =

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