Re: [Evolution] Red Carpet rpm for Gtkhtml 0.9.3

---------------------- Forwarded by Chris Tooley/AMOA on 04/21/2001 07:58 AM

Chris Tooley
04/20/2001 09:17 PM

To:   Michael Leone <turgon mike-leone com>

Subject:  Re: [Evolution] Red Carpet rpm for Gtkhtml 0.9.3  (Document link:
      Chris Tooley)

As promised I have posted the file for download.  My file that is on the website
however was built on a RedHat 7.1 installation and not on 6.2 because that's
what I'm running.  I finally got Red Carpet 0.9.2, Evolution Snapshot, Nautilus
1.0, and Mozilla 0.8.1 to all play nice together on a RedHat 7.1 box.  I've got
Gnome 1.4Beta installed as well and as soon as I can get at the Setup Tools
they'll be on that box.  I only have one beef left, my other sysadmin turned
POP3 off on the Lotus Domino box and I can't get at my e-mail from Evolution
now. :)

Anyway, here's the url:

If the guys (or gals) at Ximian want me to take it down (hopefully their version
will be rebuilt soon) I will.


Michael Leone <turgon mike-leone com> on 04/20/2001 05:32:41 PM
  To:          Chris Tooley/AMOA AMOA                         
  Subject      Re: [Evolution] Red Carpet rpm for Gtkhtml     
  :            0.9.3                                          

On 20 Apr 2001 16:03:33 -0500, ctooley amoa org wrote:

Does anyone have an rpm built for this, I couldn't get it to build either (I
past the gnet errors and ended up getting a whole mess of other errors).  At
least for the time being maybe someone could make it available for those of us
that are fighting dueling betas.  I'd be happy to if someone would send it to

Here ya go. RH 6.2 RPM. 800K in size; compiled for i686.


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