Re: [Evolution] help - Ive just deleted all my mail for some strange reason?

On 20 Apr 2001 21:20:51 +0100, mark wrote:
could someone please explain what the use of v folders are, as i cannot

Vfolders are Virtual Folders. They are not real. They contain mail that
matches a given search. (See the Tools->Virtual Folder Editor menu). The
UNMATCHED vfolder contains all mail that was not matched by any other
vfolder. So if you have no other vfolder, the UNMATCHED vfolder contains
all of your mail messages.

The trick is that when you do something to any message in a vfolder, the
action actually happens to the original message. So if you delete
everything in the UNMATCHED vfolder, you delete all your mail.

When used correctly, vfolders can be very powerful. Maybe this should be
a configuration option... like an "enable virtual folders" toggle


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