Re: [Evolution] gtkhtml problems

One more addition: the email does get sent even though the error message
makes it seem like it is not sent. I have been sending numerous
replicated emails for a week now because I keep hitting send.

Also, if I hit 'Send Later', the next time I hit 'Send/Recieve' the
email gets sent.

Ben Ricker
System Administrator 

On 20 Apr 2001 09:41:45 -0500, Ben Ricker wrote:
It seems that the latest snapshot of Evolution installs gtkhtml 0.9.3.
However, Red Carpet (how I get the snapshots, must use 0.8.3. In Red
Carpet, when I install the newest snapshot of Evolution (with gtkhtml),
it uninstalls Red Carpet! Am I missing something here?

Another weird problem cropped up too. When I hie 'Send' on an email, I
get the follwoing message: 

Error sending "subject": Could not parse URL `' 

This seems to have started within the last weeks snapshot.

Ben Ricker
System Administrator
US-Rx, Inc.

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