Re: [Evolution] RH7.0-7.1 upgrade

What happened to red-carpet? Is there going to be another one released?
Anyone know?

Austin Gonyou
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On Thu, 19 Apr 2001, Thomas R. Shannon wrote:

On 18 Apr 2001, Tom Cooper wrote:

I did a fresh install of RH7.1 on that machine (it's a NEW machine,
after all) and both gnome-terminal and samba are now working.

I've frequently found that the libraries that come with even the
latest RH releases lag behind those that Ximian puts out.  This is
particularly true of the Evolution channel of Red Carpet.  Even worse,
the RH upgrade doesn't recognize that these libraries are, indeed,
newer and therefore replaces them.

I would suggest running a Ximian upgrade on the machine that's having
trouble.  If that doesn't work, reinstall the Ximian distribution from


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