[Evolution] Red-carpet : rebuild the RPM and it should be ok

After the # $$@#$ deletion of the red-carpet package I had to do something....
- get the src.rpm package (from ftp.ximian.com)
- rpm --rebuild red-carpet....src.rpm
- rpm -Uvh red-carpet.xxxx.rpm (from /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386 probably, 
depends on the system and on what user you are rebuilding the package.
Anyway, you'll figure it out from where :-)

- Et voila ! It works. No more uninstall requests. It's linked with the 
apropriate gtkhtml library now.

Shorter: rebuild the package and it will work.


PS: The packages downloaded by red-carpet aren't tested prior to beeing set up 
public ?


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