Re: [Evolution] How to look at native Linux mail msgs in Evo

On Wed, Apr 18, 2001 at 05:02:02PM -0400, Jesse Stockall wrote:
On 18 Apr 2001 15:22:16 -0400, Rupert Heesom wrote:
I've seen on the lists previously that there's a method of viewing the
native Linux mail msgs from within Evo.   I'm talking about the mail msg
text file /var/spool/mail/rupert (my user mail).

Can someone give me a quick run-down, or tell me where to find the
archive of messages containing the answer?


    Run the Tools | Mail Settings & add a new account. At the "Server
    Type" prompt chose "Standard UNIX mailbox" then select the correct

Damn, this didn't work for me in CVS.2001. (last one I got from
red-carpet).  I mean, I can go through the process, but I don't see the
folder show up anywhere.  Is there anything in particular you need to do to
have it appear in the Folder window?  Or is this only working in a more
recent version?

Bret Mogilefsky * Mgr. SCEA Developer Support * mogul gelatinous com

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