Re: [Evolution] no new snapshots in RC?

I've been hoping for a new snapshot to be available which will address
some of the IMAP issues I've been facing, but haven't seen any snapshots
through RC for several days.

Right; the snapshots have been failing, for one reason or another, until
last night. (bug in gal; bug in gtkhtml, etc).
Always check for the status of a
snapshot build (or reason for build failure). For instance, Debian and
Redhat 6.2 builds worked last night, but RH 7 did not.

Should I expect to update my evolution through RC, or do I need to
figure out how to update it without RC?

Since last night's snapshot has a bug (something about incorrect version of
gal), I'd wait and update tomorrow.

You can always update by hand, by FTPing the binaries from,
and doing an rpm -Uvh *.rpm.

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