[Evolution] IMAP Shared folders?

Hey there,

I'm using the snaphot from 14th April 2001 on a VMWare RedHat 6.2 that is also running GNOME 1.4beta (from Red Carpet, like the build). For the most part it works quite well and I have found a workaround for some not so obvious (to me) features.

One thing (maybe two) remains, though:

When IMAP works (most of the time, luckily) it only shows INBOX and descendents. It doesn't show the shared folders or other users folders, like Mozilla Mail does. Here are some examples:

shared folders:

  -> active
  -> done

other users:

  +> Clients (plenty of subfolders)
  +> Manufacturers (ditto)
  +> Other Stuff

  +> Client1
     -> Machine1
     -> Machine2
  +> Client2
     -> Machine1

And so on. That is how is should be, and according to storeinfo, Evolution has also found them. I can partly make them appear by going to subscription management (or something) and deselect and select them, but they then show in the midst of my other folders in stead of at the end, and without the tree structure, etc...

Is this being worked on, by any chance? ;)

The IMAP server I connect to is a Cyrus IMAP4 v1.6.24 server (SuSE EMail Server II). Both Netscape Mail and Mozilla Mail handles this.

I like the way you can drag your most important folders on a shortcut bar of their own and the option of checking all subfolders for new mail. That is really useful to me, so I hope to be able to actually use evolution for more than dabbling soon.

Slightly offtopic but: When might we see SuSE 7.1 supported by Ximian (Ximian GNOME and Red Carpet) and more generally - new content in Red Carpet other than Evolution snapshots and, say, the RedHat channel?

Anyway -- Evolution is shaping up to be a real killer and I very much look forward to using it on my SuSE 7.1 workstations proper.


/Martin Moeller.

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