[Evolution] Compose window & Enlightenment ?

I haven't installed any 0.10 snapshots in about 2 weeks on my primary
system.  You may recall I was experiencing problems with the first few
0.10 snapshots where my compose window would display the To, Cc and Bcc
buttons but no input area to type values into.  All of the early
snapshots had this problem on my system.  I'm running Redhat 7.0 using
Enlightenment.  I can use Evo 0.9 w/o any compose window problems on
this machine.

I also have another machine that I installed Evo 0.10 on.  This second
machine is also running Redhat 7.0 however it is using Sawfish.

Are there any issues with using Evo and Enlightenment that could be
related to the problem I am experiencing on my primary machine?

I'd like to use the latest Evo snapshots on my primary machine but I
can't do so if the compose windows flakes out on me.

Thanks for any info,


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