Re: [Evolution] more imap trouble

Beeee-Zaaar.  This does work.  I tried it this morning, and have been
able to browse through my folders.  I don't understand it, but good
detective work finding a workaround.

I'm not sure that I'll have the patience to restart evo several times a
day, though.....

Thanks for the tip.

Tom Cooper
On 12 Apr 2001 17:25:16 -0500, Rutherford thehelm com wrote:

First I open up Evo. and hit send and receive. Then I enter in
the passwords for the two accounts and then I click on one of the
accounts. Then evo shuts down. After this I open it again WITHOUT running
killev or oaf-slay. Now it asks me for my imap passwords when the splash
screen comes up. I enter then and Evo opens with both of my Imap account
trees fully opened and all the newmail there.

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