Re: [Evolution] GPGME?

Yea, we've known about this for a while but it's not anywhere close to
being ready yet. Currently, I don't think it does much more than sign
data, so it needs to get quite a lot farther before we can use it. Also,
it only talks to gpg so that doesn't help us when it comes to the other
pgp implementations :-(


On 12 Apr 2001 07:59:41 -0400, Ettore Perazzoli wrote:
On 12 Apr 2001 10:02:08 +0100, Ross Burton wrote:
I recall Ximian developers talking about problems using gpg from the
command line, as gpg often ends up asking the user a question which gets
lost.  However, there is a project called GPGME
( which aims to develop a high-level API
to GPG. Maybe someone should look at this to see if this - in the CVS
tree there is even a bonobo directory!

  Uh, this looks sweet.  Jeff, what do you think about it?

  Thanks for the pointer!


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