Re: [Evolution] Latest snapshot ( 200104110004 ) & pilot-link...

I have the same problem installing the latest snapshot manually.  Had to
remove the new pilot link and gnome-pilot and reinstall the previous
versions to get to work again

On 11 Apr 2001 00:19:04 -0500, Don Duck Harper wrote:

  I noticed that pilot-link was added to the evolution channel of red
carpet.  Cool.  Problem is, it breaks gnome-pim-conduits. :(

And, something else breaks.  I can no longer select pilot conduits from
gnomecc.  I get:

Message: Pilot name -> MyPilot
Message: Pilot id   -> 500
Message: Pilot username -> duck
Message: Pilot sync_action -> not_set
Message: Cradle Type -> Serial
Message: cradle device name -> Cradle
Message: cradle device name -> /dev/pilot
Message: cradle device name -> Cradle
Message: Pilot Speed  -> 115200
Message: Timeout -> 2
gpilotd-Message: Initing gnome vfs

** ERROR **: Cannot connect to the GnomePilot Daemon

With a dialog box saying: Cannot connect to the Gnome Pilot Daemon.

I get this even if I have a gpilotd running. :(

Thanks for all the hard work!

BTW - this is on a RH 7.0 box w/ almost all of the Gnome 1.4B packages


Don Harper, RHCE, MCSE                          email: duck duckland org
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# arguments: title key bytes in least to most-significant order
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