Re: [Evolution] Frequent mail component crash

Whenever Evo is inunstable I use Mozilla's mailer and have noticed that
it reports my server has closed the connection about at the same
intervals that Evo would randomly crash on me.  Any connection there?  I
know nothing about IMAP so I could be way off base.

As for Neil, turning off automatic mail check fixed this for me.


On 10 Apr 2001 23:50:52 -0400, Neil Cooler wrote:
Evo used to crash on my box constantly as well (seemed really random).

I believe i narrowed this down though...

I have a really slow imap server, and i think that evo was trying to check
for new messages while another thread was still trying to check for
messages... or something like that...

I turned off the automatic mail check and now no more crashes.

Well, not as many :)

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On 06 Apr 2001 16:40:13 -0400, Michael Rothwell wrote:
I'm using Evo 0.10 cvs.2001. The mail component regularly
crashes. Sometimes just sitting there, sometimes when I'm composing a
message. I ran Evo from a termianl and captured this:

  Unfortunately this doesn't look very useful...

  I am guessing it's related to the underlining stuff for addresses in
GtkHTML though...  And I have sent a few stack traces to the GtkHTML
hackers already.  They should be taking care of it (if they haven't


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