Re: [Evolution] Does LDAP support in evolution work?

Where can I get evolution SRC rpm?

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On 10 Apr 2001, Ross Burton wrote:

On 10 Apr 2001 15:42:09 +0200, Berend De Schouwer wrote:
I've been trying since 0.7 to get LDAP support working with evolution and
our companies LDAP Server.  To this point I've had no success and would
like some suggestions on how to get it working.
I'd like to get LDAP working, too.  Which packages need recompiling?
Just evolution?

Yes.  It takes a while, though.  :-)

    [ snip ]

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <description>LDAP Server</description>

Shouldn't this be "<rootdn></rootdn>" ?

No, <rootdn/> is shorthand for an empty tag in XML.


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