[Evolution] Not focusing on the right message.


I've downloaded the lastest build (2001040808) for RH 7 and things are
better, but not right yet.

When you delete a message now, evolution opens another message and gives
it focus.  However it's not focusing on the right message (or not

Things seemed to be working, but it seems to be getting worse the more
messages I delete.

Often the focus moves down two from the message deleted.  However,
sometimes it moves somewhere unexpected, and strangly sometimes it ends
up focusing on messages that are very old and way up the list.

It might be worth mentioning that I list the oldest messages at the
bottom, and thread the message view.  I don't know if this if
significant, but it might be.



rodd clarkson - code poet
redfish bluefish [creative]
p: 03 9879 5944  f: 03 9879 5833

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