Re: [Evolution] Extracting address info for contacts

On 09 Apr 2001 08:59:58 +0930, Not Zed wrote:
It would probably have been instructive to give an example of the
addresses this works with (a full address).

1 High Street
London WC1 2RS

1, Champs Elysees
F-12345 Paris cedex 01
I dont see what's wrong with just having entry boxes for each separate
unit myself.   The only reason you want freeform entry is if you want to
print it the same, does this current get remembered for printing?

For non-US addresses you *need* free-form entry, because the way the
address as printed is generated from the fields you enter.  For instance
you'd get to print the following if you entered the above addresses by

1 High Street
London, WC1 2RS 

(note extra comma, which would be a incorrect also for Australian
addresses if "addressed envelopes are not supposed to contain any

1, Champs Elysees
Paris cedex 01, F-12345

If you cut-and-paste from elsewhere, it's easier to just paste the
entire address rather than each field separately.

If you use free-form entry for addresses, the various fields need to be
set correctly for sorting, searching, vcard export, etc.


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