Re: [Evolution] HTML email not showing pictures?

Well actually since evolution isn't finished yet, its just an(other)
unimplemented feature.  It will be implemented soon.

And yes, it will be optional because it is a privacy/security concern.

On 08 Apr 2001 13:40:26 -0700, Paul Hosking wrote:
Until someone with a bit more insight responds... :)

On 08 Apr 2001 18:51:53 +0200, Bj0rN wrote:
I have problems viewing HTML emails, haven't seen anyone else discussing
this on the list so maybe it's just a problem for me... it seems like
pictures won't show up even though they are in the form of <img
src="";>, is this a bug or is it just
my Evolution that can't view HTML email right?

Its a feature.  The more you embed web functionality into your email
client, the more control you give up - the more risk you take.  

With support for images that you've described, the risk is web bugs.
Spammers use embeded images to report what addresses delivered their
message to a pair of eyeballs.  While the image in question could be a
large banner, it could also be an easy-to-miss 1x1 transparent pixel.
On the Windows side, I've seen HTML email even play nice with cookies
(thank gawd WE won't do that... right?).  

I'm sure we could extend the list of risks by playing the paranoia game
a bit longer, or observing popular email clients like Outlook and bash
Windows for awhile. :)

I believe when this topic came up before, it was mentioned that
Evolution may have some more finite level of control that would allow
this functionality.  For example, you get an email... figure you can
trust the source... and click on the image or a button to download said
image (or all images) referred to in the email.  Or for those who feel
they can trust everything in their inbox, an option that does this
aut0matically for all email.  Sounds like a sane way of handling the
issue to me.


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