Re: [Evolution] Has anyone successful installed evo on SuSE 7.0?

Am 06 Apr 2001 13:58:45 -0400 schrieb Tim:
Just curious.  I've been trying for several weeks and keep getting tripped up
when trying to compile gal-0.5.  If you have successfully installed evo on SuSE
7.0, would you please outline the steps you took, particularly which packages
you installed.


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I had experienced the same. For weeks I was trying to compile Evolution myself, reinstalled package after 
package but finally gave up because it was too much trouble with gal-0.5 and some other package conflicts 
of my Suse 7.1 installation. Yesterday night i tried desperately without much hope to install the 
precompiled versions for RedHat6. You find them at

Surprisingly it worked out very well. Evolution starts and horray! it
works quite stable (of course it has the normal bugs and crashes
everyone other reports but I dont seem to get any special home made
incompatibility crashes). Yesterday in spite of all the "use at your own
risk warnings" from the developers Evolution successfully downloaded all
the 1014 mails of the evolution mailing list piled up in my POP3

I installed evolution on my Suse 7.0 Linux distribution at work this
morning and it worked out successfully with this distribution too. You
have to install all non devel marked rpm packages in the dircetory
above, even if rpm doesnt ask for each new version and restart the
computer after that, to sucessfully install evolution.  

Good Luck!


All developers out there thank you for such a great Mail client!
Evolution is wonderful!

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