Re: [Evolution] Uneditable contacts

Well, running killev sis work. However, when I quit Evolution and restarted, the Contacts were uneditable again. Do I need to run killev everytime I quit evolution or before I start evolution. I would really rather not. I would classify this as a bug :-).

On 06 Apr 2001 13:25:13 -0400, duncan mak wrote:
> On 05 Apr 2001 18:36:15 -0700, Ujwal S. Sathyam wrote:
> > I am running the snapshot from 04/03, and I imported a bunch of contacts
> > from a Gnome Card file. The import crashed at first, but worked the
> > second time. After some time, all contacts became uneditable. Is this a
> > known bug?
> It's not really a bug, it's just that the wombat component - which
> handles the calendar and contacts - didn't get restarted. If you run
> killev after you quit Evolution and then start again, you should be able
> to edit your Contacts.
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