Re: [Evolution] Strange behavior of IMAP folder

And to top this off Expunge in my IMAP folder didn't work.
I tried expunging several times, and nothing happened.  So
I restarted Evolution.  Still no luck.  So I restarted again
with the CAMEL_VERBOSE_DEBUG flag turned on, and then it
worked.  Strange.


I updated from CVS tonight.  I've noticed this for the
past few days.  The first time I go into my IMAP folder,
if I delete a message it disappears and the focus goes
weird, like it used to for all accounts recently.  But if
I switch over to my local Inbox and then back to my IMAP
folder, the deleted message(s) appear with a line through
them and now the delete behavior works as it used to,
where a line goes through and mail doesn't get removed
until I ^X (which is what I really want anyway).


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