Re: [Evolution] Composer still broken in RH7.0 Snapshots?

Quoting Diego Restrepo <restrepo uv es>:

I was having the same problem before the two april snapshots with my
latest pre-release 1.4 gnome installation. I recommend you  that
all the snapshots with newer version that you have already installed
try  again. All this is done automatically by red-carpet that I used to
install the latest snapshot

On 04 Apr 2001 08:04:37 -0500, Harrison, James wrote:
Tremendous job.  Thanks to all the Evo folks.

I'm running Ximian Gnome Beta 1.4 and the past three(maybe four)
snapshots all
crash when trying to compose a message.  I've run killev,oaf-slay,
deleted the
/tmp/orbit-* stuff.  I deleted my evo directory and had the app
everything.  After doing that I can get the composer to come up with
the TO:,
CC:,.. etc. fields, but the body area is not available.  I've also
different themes, fonts, etc.

James Harrison, CCNA

evolution maillist  -  evolution helixcode com

All of the packages I have were installed through Red Carpet.  I don't have any
of the Nautilus components installed and I'm picking up the latest bonobo and
gtkhtml from Red Carpet.

James Harrison, CCNA
WAN Engineer, American Color
PH: 615-377-7426
FX: 615-377-0325

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