[Evolution] Summary issue

I've had the smae problem happen twice with what I tought was dire
results. I've since figured out the bug.

If the user's partition fills up while evolution is running and does not
have some free space when the user quits evolution, the mailbox summary
can becomre corrupted. This results in a nasty error when trying to
access mail messages before a certain date. (I'm not sure how the exact
date relates to when this happens or if it does, even.). This also has
the effect of not letting the user expunge the mail box.

In other words, this gives the user the impression that *all* of their
mail before a certain date is completely gone. This is not a happy

Interestingly, the solution is simple. Deleting mbox.ev-summary in the
appropriate directory causes Evolution to rebuild that file the next
time Evolution starts. From then on everything is fine.

Is this a known issue? Should I file a bug report?
It seems like Evolution should be more smart about this. If it thinkgs
mbox.ev-summary is corrupted, then by all means it should rebuild it.


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