[Evolution] IMAP "read" marks

Minor nit - would you folks who are commenting on the UI for evo please
refrain from defining what it should/shouldn't do?  It's really a
personal preference and not a right vs. wrong kind of thing.

2nd minor nit - Evo is a serious Kick-butt application for being beta of
a version 1.  Please stop yelling at the developers when it doesn't do
exactly what you want.  If you are nice to them, they might incorporate
what you want.

I'm running 0.10+cvs.2001. and have noticed something about
this build with regard to read/unread marks.

I've got evo pointed to an exchange server, and have previously reported
that the dang thing gets confused about read marks, but recently it has
gotten "different."

What I am seeing now is the "evo" folder on my exchage server (which has
about 1600 messages in it - all marked read) has been having about 1500
the messages marked as unread - at least as far as evo is concerned. 

Outlook doesn't always show those messages as unread.  It has on a
couple of occasions, and my 'fix' was to go into Outlook and tell it to
mark all of them as read.  This works temporarily, but not permanently.

Thought you might like to know.

Tom Cooper

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