Re: [Evolution] IMAP question

evo cache that info?  I'm guessing I can fix this by marking all
messages read through Outlook and then doing the same thing through evo.

Evolution caches all the info used to build the list you see, as well as
the read/unread counts.  Hrm, dunno if evo will pick up changes at
login, dan would.

It should, although I can imagine a scenario where this could
consistently fail to sync if the bugs were in the right places.

I guess conceivably imap could sync incrementally in the background
using a thread, how hard would that be dan?  Sounds a little painful but
not too much?

Having a background thread for IMAP would be great. Now that you've
broken the threads-within-camel barrier with the gethostbyname code, we
should definitely look into this.

-- Dan

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