Re: [Evolution] Auto Expunge?

Why not on expunge on folder-change?


On Sun, Apr 01, 2001 at 01:50:34AM +0930, Not Zed wrote to To Michael Haun:
:-) On 28 Mar 2001 11:26:22 -0500, Michael Haun wrote:
:-) > Would it be possible to add a feature to auto expunge an IMAP inbox when
:-) > changes are made to messages like deletes read etc.  I use the mailcheck
:-) > applet for gnome and when reading a messages I have to expunge the
:-) > folder to reset the mailcheck applet.
:-) > 
:-) > Mike...
:-) Why dont you just hit ctrl-x once you're done reading your mail?
:-) I'm not sure you really want this turned on.  If you are deleting mail
:-) for example, you will not get any chance to undelete them, and it could
:-) also cause delays while you are working which will make it less usable.
:-) Definetly a post 1.0 feature if ever.
:-)  !Z
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