[Evolution] Contacts

I'm running RH7, uptodate Ximian and the RH snapshots from 3/31 taken
yesterday from spidermonkey. This is my first version change since the
stable (0.8 and never-crashed) January rpm's for RH. Took all the rpm's
available and had no dependency issues when upgrading the pkgs.

As far as I can tell (sorry, don't use vfolders) I have only the
following issues:

After creating a contact & saving - I can't open it for editing. All
fields are grayed out. 2nd - minor - clicking on alphabet letters do not
move focus to indicated contacts.

Checking various logs don't indicate any Evo-related error msgs. I
apologize in advance if I've missed any threads on this if in fact it's
not specific to my system.

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