Re: [Evolution] Problems with Evolution 0.5

      I just upgraded to Evolution 0.5 and I noticed things
that have broken since 0.4.1.

1) I get a dialog upon startup that says
Error while 'Loading sent Folder':
Could not create folder '/mbox':
No such file or directory.

I had the same problem. 
Copy the directory /usr/share/evolution/default_user/local/Sent in your
$HOME/evolution/local directory.

2) The address book crashes whenever I bring it up.  Either by
directly opening the address book or hitting the compose button.
I also get these messages that I haven't seen before whenever
the addressbook crashes:

gtkhtml-WARNING **: pspell error: I'm sorry I can't find any sutable word
lists for the language-tag "en".

However, when it crashes when I hit the contacts button it also
seems to crash the evolution shell.
Seems to work for me...

email: jmardantz ifrance com
site web:
(Screenshots of Evolution and Nautilus)

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